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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Quest for a National Flag for India, Part - VIII; The first Swaraj (National) flag : 1921-1931.

The Declaration of Purna Swaraj  (Total Independence) -1929
Swaraj Flag became more conspicuous at all political rallies.

On December 31, 1929 at the Lahore (Pakistan, after independence)) Congress, Pandit Nehru hoisted the Swaraj flag on the banks of the River Ravi and declared Purna Swaraj as the goal of freedom movement with a fervent call to observe next January 26, 1930 as Independence Day. The Swaraj flag led to a direct conflict with the Union Jack, which took the form of an open movement around. 

Stamp like Label  issued from Khadi Mondal, College Street, Calcutta.
It has the patriotic song imprinted in Bengali
Swadhitanata hinataya ke bachitey chay?
Dashatya srinkhal bolo ke dharibay pa-ey?
by Rangalal Bandopadhyay, translated :
Who wishes to live
In a gloom of captivity?
Who wishes to live !
Who wishes to be frittered by slavery?

The flag in the label has the words “Celebrate Independence Day on 26 January”.

Salt Satyagraha (Dandi March)-1930
A simple act which become the powerful symbol of the Satyagraha. 

On March 12, 1930, Mahatma Gandhi launched Salt Satyagraha and set out from Sabarmati Ashram (Ahmadabad) with 78 volunteers to Dandi on the Gujarat coast. The 35-day long march culminated on April 6, when Gandhi picked up a lump of salt, thereby giving signal to break the law. Swaraj flags were waved by the rejoiced crowd in acknowledgment of the great historic event.

There were simultaneous
Salt Satyagrahas 
organized in other parts of the country.

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